Bardiya National Park


An excursion to Bariya national park is an absolute expedition in the Nepalese equivalent. Bardia National Park is situated in Western Terai Region of Nepal in Bardia District and there are various ways to reach Bardia National Park. From Kathmandu daily buses run from Kathmandu to Mahendranagar or Dhangadi via Ambassa Bardia. Bardiya National Park is also a popular destination for bird watching situated in the Far West of Nepal it is an area of the extensive jungle which is covered by Sal forest riverine and grass lands. A boat ride on the slow moving expense of the Karnali River provides plenty of opportunities to view a vast variety of birds including Ruddy Shelduck, darters, brahmins kites, brown headed gulls, cormorants, oriental pied hornbills, night heron & purple heron, cinnamon bitterns, orioles and majestic peacocks. Bardiya National park which is the largest national park in Nepal is home to many wild species, including rare and endangered flora and fauna.


Brief Itinerary