About Us

World Favour Travel and Tours Pvt. Ltd. (WFTT) is one of the most reputed and respected Travel ,Tour and trekking agency in Nepal. The agency has a full-fledged operation handling personalized trekking, special interest tours, ticketing (Worldwide International and Domestics), safaris, white-water rafting, culture tours, incentives, vehicles service , meetings, and convention events.

Nepal is a land of “unity in diversity”. It has 125 different ethnic groups and over 80 spoken languages. Nepal is one of the reachest country of the ethno-cultural diversity of this magnitude. Similarly, Nepal has over 400 distinct ecological zones. It is the only country on earth with such a mind-boggling bio-diversity.
In addition to the Everest, Nepal has eight of the ten highest mountains in the world. We believe that the mighty Himalayas are the “humanity’s common-heritage”. We hope that you will like your heritage. Nepal is a second water resource around the world. Nepal is most important tourist destination and every desire full fill of visitors.
Nepal is popular country as the birthplace of Lord Buddha.
Nepal is a land of temples and gentle people. Despite the many hardships, we have not yet lost our smile.

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